We try not to be too stringent here. As much as we want to keep the “spirit of Miiverse” going, our plan is not to keep the iron rod admin system with it! But to keep things friendly we do insist on the following:

1) Illegal content is prohibited.

2) 12+ content is prohibited except in the set-aside “New Super Luigi U Community”. Applications for access to that community are to be posted in this announcement discussion. Applicants are required to read the first post before posting their request! In this community 18+ material is still prohibited except alcohol and non-offensive topics such as voting and driving.

3) As the forum aside from the above-stated NSLUC is family friendly, offending material in the form of usernames, avatars and signatures are prohibited.

4) Debating is permitted as long as the material is family friendly. Personal attacks anywhere on the forums (including Private Messages) are strictly prohibited.

5) Users are to post their discussions in the designated areas for such discussion.

6) Creating multiple accounts is frowned upon unless acceptable reasoning is provided. Sibling account would be an acceptable reason for instance…

7) Posts are to have some sort of point. Spam like “rjophserituhjsfg” isn’t acceptable.

8) Topic posting is to be within reason, as in not posting 100 topics in 5 minutes in 1 community (i.e; “flooding”).

9) Whereas we have no objection to people advertising a place (within the rules), registering JUST to post an advert is frowned upon.

10) False reporting is prohibited.

11) Spoilers are to be inserted with the spoiler code [SPOILER]Spoil text here[/SPOILER].

12) Signatures are to be of modest dimensions, especially height. It's with regret that we need a rule for this one as the software is supposed to impose the restrictions itself but keep signature images no greater than 150 pixels height.

13) The requesting of selfies (self photographs) from another user is STRICTLY forbidden and so is requesting account information for channels that are selfie-based. Taking part in public selfie threads appropriately is permitted but any pestering a user for them (privately or not) will be seen as online predator behaviour and dealt with harshly.

Additional guidelines

- Before creating a new topic it is recommended to perform a search to be sure a similar topic doesn't already exist. If you post a topic when there is already a still-active topic about the same thing, your topic may be merged into the original.

- If a topic has been inactive for a long period (weeks/months) it is generally frowned upon to revive it. If it is justified fair enough, but generally it is better to discuss in a newer topic.

- You are able to edit your posts and it is preferable that you do that instead of creating a consecutive post. We are a bit loose about this within reason but if you spam consecutive replies falsely raising your postcount your posts are subject to being merged.

That's it, folks! Wasn't that much easier than reading the Miiverse Code of Conduct? :D