MV Haven is a body of Miiverse goers here to continue as a community beyond the closure of Nintendo's social network, Miiverse.



August 31st 2018 marks this site's first anniversary!  To celebrate, registrations have been reopened and the original boards have been restored alongside the current ones.  This means we now have 2 communities for you to interact with!

The vB5 forums are the original software we started on.  Anyone who struggled with the changeover should still be able to access their old account here.  This is the more modern software which is so new it has some bugs.  You can more details in the vB5 accouncement here.

The vB4 forums are the software we switched to.  Whereas this software is older it is much more stable and has various additional features such as a Flash Arcade and a "vBShop" where you can trade in "rupees" you earn on the forums to get bonuses like username decorations.  You can find more details in the vB4 announcement here.

You may also have noticed a period closed to registrations.  This was to establish how stringent we want the anti-trolling measures.  Rest assured registration is now open on both forums and all accounts on either forum remain as they were.


More information in this forum announcement (original software) and this announcement (new software).

Posted on 31 Aug 2018 by King-X

Just a quick note to say that the forums will be permanently closed for new registrations on 6th May.  This will take place in the morning where I am in the UK which is ahead of US members so you'd do well to consider the 5th as your deadline if you intend to register/reregister.

Posted on 29 Apr 2018 by King-X

Our vBulletin 5 community was recently restored as a 1st anniversary celebration and we used the opportunity to gauge which the community prefers to use.  Whereas we know the original vBulletin 5 software had the most initial members, a lot of them were lost in translation during our switch to vBulletin 4.  This is another reason why we gave this chance for them to be able to speak up concerning any problems on the software they were already registered on.

The remaining community has plainly adjusted to vBulletin 4 which is a lot more stable and allows additional features to be added (such as the arcade and store).  As such, the vBulletin 5 restoration had a very poor turn-out so has been taken down to maximise backup space (as vBulletin 5 is a BIG space hog and vBulletin 4 is not).

The vBulletin 5 forums had a notice to backup anything you wanted to keep prior to October 1st.  Additionally they were restored for a while some time ago on an archive basis so people could look/backup their important data.  So we trust that everyone who had stuff they wanted to keep managed to do so.

We remain now on the vBulletin 4 community.

Thanks for your interest in this matter!

Posted on 01 Oct 2018 by King-X

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