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New 25-04, 20:01
Just finished Cuphead. Kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't finish it on Steam. I had instances where I felt like pulling my hair out, but ironically it was the bosses that gave me the hardest time that I wound up enjoying the most.
New 25-04, 15:41
Unfortunately. Still, Persona 5 The Royal was announced and I might pick that up. The only reason why I'm interested is due to Tokyo Mirage Sessions which, barring a bloated feeling, was great all around.
New 25-04, 15:37
all. It’s basically Persona 5 Warriors, and the full title is Persona 5 scramble: the phantom strikers. While I’m sure it will be great, it’s definitely a little disappointing it’s not Persona 5.
New 25-04, 15:34
So Persona 5 S isn’t a Switch version of persona 5 at a
New 24-04, 22:45
Nintendo just put out a tweet announcing the release date for Super Mario Maker 2. It'll be out June 28. If anything I guess this means we won't get any more Directs before E3.
New 24-04, 13:29
Tomorrow we'll find out once and for all if Persona 5 will come to the Switch. 6am ET-3am PT is when the stream will air. I'll just check online to see what was announced whenever I wake up.
New 24-04, 02:05
I hate it when I hurt myself while working, especially when it's due to my own idiocy. I actually felt like I broke a rib.