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New 22-02, 07:01
And...I did it again. And most of it was merely hunting down Riddles and Side Quests, the former of which I think they went overboard on.
New 22-02, 05:44
Arkham city really is a great game, and the game that got me into the series: I've played every one expect Knight.
New 22-02, 04:05
I really need to better manage my time. The past couple of nights I wound up playing Arkham City well after midnight. Forgot how fun this game was.
New 21-02, 20:58
My body was not ready. But in all seriousness, it will be a shame to see him go. I know not everyone agreed with how he ran things, but he was one of the faces of Nintendo along with Miyamoto and the late Satarou Iwata.
New 21-02, 19:58
Well guys, the time will soon come to say goodbye to the Regginator as he will be stepping down as NoA's president. Doug Bowser will take his place on April 15.
New 20-02, 04:13
Anyone here play nba 2k playgrounds 2? It might be the best arcade style basketball game I've played.