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New 18-03, 07:50
The DLC will. The save progress from the original profile won’t. In any case you’re safe to check as the game won’t save until you tell it to.
New 18-03, 07:35
I read somewhere that DLC for any game like XC2 is shared between profiles on the same switch but I ain't fully sure if it is true or not.
New 18-03, 07:31
Like if DLC is shared between profiles since I heard if I had another profile and played XC2 with that new profile, it would be like starting a new game.
New 18-03, 03:09
I been thinking of starting a New Game in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lately using a method I heard about since I don't want to erase my file but there are some things I ain't very sure about.
New 17-03, 20:12
Happy Saint Patrick Day!
New 17-03, 04:46
Hanging very well, Giygas has been doing okay even if Giygas has not been very active here
New 17-03, 02:08
How's it hanging, Giygas?
New 17-03, 01:23
Hi everyone.
New 16-03, 00:06
Well, the movie is based on a series of comics that combine the two properties. The first issue released in 2015, the second in 2017, and the third and final issue is scheduled to release this May, probably in time for the movie.