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New 22-04, 07:37
It's just the Asian versions that have dual audio.
New 22-04, 04:15
Looks that way, but it has to be english voice with english subtitles or Japanese voice with Japanese subtitles.
New 22-04, 02:53
Does Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster support dual audio?
New 21-04, 20:59
well, I guess I’ll just import it from PlayAsia.
New 21-04, 20:59
Agreed. I’d happily take two game cards- one for x, one for x-2, if it means I don’t have to download one. Ah eel
New 21-04, 20:41
Either way I feel like companies should be willing to embrace games that take multiple cards if necessary, like the multi-disc PS1 games back in the day.
New 21-04, 20:40
Huh... Well like I said I was basing my assumption on the Steam version. They did a pretty good job of compressing it if they managed to get it down to that size without it looking poor.
New 21-04, 19:47
They are 26.9GB total on Switch so fit on a 32GB cart. The PS4 version is 31.8 GB by comparison. The Steam size implies the console versions were compressed.
New 21-04, 19:37
Actually, that’s not entirely accurate: both games are on one card in Southeast Asia.
New 21-04, 19:36
I spent about 200 hours getting 100% in X. Most of the issue was rebuilding the sphere grid for perfect stats (replacing +1-3 nodes with +4s, etc). X-2 is simpler except for having multiple endings and you have to follow a gameplan meticulously to get the bonus ending.
New 21-04, 18:37
Yeah they almost certainly couldn't fit both games on one card (that's nearly 38 gigs on steam), but releasing it as an update or simply packaging two cartridges in the case would have worked fine.
New 20-04, 20:14
Releasing it as DLC like not only casts a bad light on both the Switch and Square, but it will also lead to confusion years later should the game wind up being used.
New 20-04, 20:12
You'd think after the backlash over Online Passes and DLC only being free to players who bought new copies that companies would think twice about doing this. If you can't fit both games on the card that's fine, just release the second as an update.