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New 19-03, 15:42
Hello everyone! We just started a YouTube Channel mainly for games if you want to check it out!
New 18-03, 22:29
I see, thanks and I assume even if I save the game on the other profile, it won't do anything to my original and main profile save yeah, I can guess what answer it would be but I just thought I would ask on that is all.
New 18-03, 07:50
The DLC will. The save progress from the original profile won’t. In any case you’re safe to check as the game won’t save until you tell it to.
New 18-03, 07:35
I read somewhere that DLC for any game like XC2 is shared between profiles on the same switch but I ain't fully sure if it is true or not.
New 18-03, 07:31
Like if DLC is shared between profiles since I heard if I had another profile and played XC2 with that new profile, it would be like starting a new game.
New 18-03, 03:09
I been thinking of starting a New Game in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lately using a method I heard about since I don't want to erase my file but there are some things I ain't very sure about.
New 17-03, 20:12
Happy Saint Patrick Day!