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New 21-01, 20:37
I would have, but the sky was too overcast for me to see anything
New 21-01, 15:20
New 21-01, 04:50
Eclipse is looking good right now. It looks a bit more like Mars.
New 21-01, 04:35
I didn't know until recently that there would be one. About five minutes until totality now.
New 21-01, 04:22
Anyone looking to see the Lunar Eclipse?
New 20-01, 20:34
Hm, farming games don't usually interest me, but if I ever find myself in a farming mood, I might go for it (I'm also now realizing how many video game genres I don't like)
New 19-01, 22:26
It’s pretty similar, but with more things to do. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t run on a real time clock like animal crossing. If you’ve ever played harvest moon or story of seasons, it actually has more in common with those games then animal crossing.
New 19-01, 20:28
Yeah, I'm not usually a fan of hard games. How similar is Stardew Valley to Animal Crossing?
New 19-01, 17:45
I can vouch for Stardew valley. It’s really awesome. As for hollow knight at least, I can only recommend if you’re a glutton for punishment.