If you are trying to register for our community and are having trouble you may post here. This area is only viewable to forum staff, guests and people awaiting e-mail verification.

This forum is not to be used for any other purpose, it is strictly for registration/login fault reports only! Misuse of this forum will render you subject to denial of support or worse, depending on the offense.

Before posting, check all the instructions given below (even if you read it before, I added a bit):

Anyone having login troubles:

Check here for Firefox instructions (even if you aren't using Firefox you might learn something).
If you do post, include specific information about what you are using and try to talk us through what's going on specifically:

  • Which Operating System (Nintendo console, Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, etc).
  • Which browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Brave, etc). Make sure you test one at least 2!
  • Whether you always had the problem or it recently started, and whether it's "on and off".
  • Which browser extensions/plugins you have. Try with them off! If that fixes it you'll need to experiment and ascertain which one caused the problem.
  • Exactly what error message you're getting.

Inadequate fault reports such as "I can't register/login" are unhelpful and give us nothing to go on so may be ignored.

Another thing you could do (which is what I'd do) is look up your problem. It took me under 5 seconds to find that Firefox page.

Internet Explorer is particularly bad for vBulletin so if you're using that, switch! My suspicion is that a lot of people having login trouble are IE users. So my advice if you're an Internet Explorer user having trouble logging in is totally discontinue it and use a safer browser. I'm not simply saying "install a different browser just to manage on MV Haven" I'm saying quit IE altogether! Supporting information here. I use Firefox personally and have always been able to login just fine with that. Google Chrome is another popular choice. Brave also seems fine and is a fast secure browser to boot (still quite new though so a bit low on the bells and whistles...).

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