Can we post Play Journals like on Miiverse?

Yes, via the Nintendo Internet Browser app!

  • Open HOME while your software is open.
  • Open the internet browser.
  • Browse to this site.
  • Post new topic or reply.
  • Click the camera icon.
  • Upload.
  • Complete your post content and click Post.

On Wii U you can post your current screen. On 3DS it will let you access your camera gallery to upload an image.

Is there a safe “spoiler” system on this message board?

Yes! You can type them in the following format:

[SPOILER]Insert spoiler content here![/SPOILER]

This will also work with images and video, not just text. There is an “!” icon in our text editor that will insert the code for you.

Can I give/receive “yeahs”?

You sure can!

Is there a Member page where we can look for familiar faces?

Yes, you can find it here.

Can we post/browse art?

Yes, we have a dedicated art forum which can be found here.

Additionally if we get enough content submitted for the website we'd like to feature some in a website gallery.

Can I use an avatar/mii?

Yes, to use your mii you’ll need to save it as an image so you can upload it to your profile as an avatar. Whether you use that or a custom avatar you can click on your profile then in the bottom-right hand corner of your avatar space is a link to “edit avatar”. The image should be no greater than 200x200 pixels and 100000 bytes.

Can I use a signature?

Yes, click on your name at the top and go to “User Settings”, go to the “Account” tab and you’ll see signature options in the “Conversation Detail Options” section. Signature images should be no greater than 600x150 pixels or 100000 bytes.

Is there a Help page to help me learn how to use the message board?

Yes, you can find it here.

Can I draw/handwrite a post directly like on Miiverse?

You can post art by uploading images (including ones you posted to Miiverse) or - on the Wii U - doing a screenshot of what you're drawing in an art program but drawing directly to the forums interface isn't doable at this time. However, this is something we want to provide and suggestion has been made to vBulletin to implement such a system. Additionally there's the possibility someone could write a mod for it, so an eye is being kept on that. Updates on the situation are posted in this announcement.

Can I receive notifications on content I post in like on Miiverse?

Actually our system works even better! If you want the Miiverse experience you can go to User Settings > Notifications and check "subscribe when posting". This will automatically subscribe you to every thread you post in. You can also subscribe/unsubscribe from a thread manually. So… this way you can receive notifications without having to actually post in the thread, and you can turn off the notifications at any time by unsubscribing to the thread instead of having to delete all your comments!

Will I be able to message my Wii U friends?

Yes, but you won't need the Wii U to do it. We have our own Private Messaging system that isn't blighted by a 200 character limit. You can of course do this via the Wii U's Internet Browser if you wish. Want to check your messages on a phone or desktop? No problem!

Can I have clans?

You can create or join groups. Clans should feel right at home with our group system! The only thing you need to worry about is getting people to join.