We hail from Nintendo's social network, "Miiverse". Some people set up sub-communities where Miiverse members could chat without the stringent rules imposed on Miiverse proper.

Following Nintendo's announcement that the service would close on November 8th 2017 this domain was set up as a refuge where people could continue to enjoy a family friendly Nintendo atmosphere. Here though you're able to share contact details, get to know each other better, post and message without harsh character limits, freely post images and videos and enjoy a feature-rich message board. We also boast a YouTube area that's actually about YouTube!

Right now this project is still a work in progress so expect more features to come!

Miiverse opened in November 2012 and was created for the purpose of people getting help from each other in games. What Nintendo didn't plan was the level to which its users formed bonds, bonds which we here aren't planning to let break with the demise of Miiverse.

It's with this view that our forums were created in order to continue to carry on as a community.