MV Haven is a body of Miiverse goers here to continue as a community beyond the closure of Nintendo's social network, Miiverse. Anyone is welcome to join our community to discuss all things Nintendo.

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I have moved off vBulletin 5 to vBulletin 4 for more stability and some more features.  If you were already registered on our secret board simply login to that account.  If not you will need to register on the new software.

If you cannot login it's probably because you never got to logout of the old software and there is a cookie clash.  Clear your cookies and you should be good to go!

All data from vB5 is gone as you cannot downgrade the software, but I made a note of all postcounts above 100 so I can restore postcounts higher than 100.

Now we have an arcade of Flash games for you to enjoy!


Posted on 21 Mar 2018 by King-X

We had a good session promoting MV Haven on Miiverse in its final hour with no administrative repercussions and that has evidently raised enough awareness for the community numbers to have doubled recently.  Thanks to all those who got involved, and welcome to those who answered the call!  This seems to have been further enhanced by a couple of other channels suffering downtime.  The Miiverse Memories section has been updated with a user's farewell video and my own capturing of its final moments.

Posted on 11 Nov 2017 by King-X

The music section has been changed to YouTube playlist format because I was previously using the same service as for my art section which only allows 5 audio and it rendered me unable to add more art.  I actually think it's better this way as the thumbnails were designed for YouTube anyway so those now appear correctly.

Posted on 04 Nov 2017 by King-X

The art galleries recently had some downtime because the service they're hosted on expired.  I've upgraded from trial so this is fixed and there should be no further issues.

Lately I've been playing/recording Fire Emblem Warriors so my YouTube playlist of this game is now featured here in the videos section.  It's been a fun ride!  You can view it here.

Posted on 03 Nov 2017 by King-X

Recently Nintendo posted a collage of Miiverse posts as thankyou art.  We have immortalised this in our "Miiverse Memories" section below the gallery.  You can also view it by clicking on the preview below:

This is a very large collage best viewed on a decent sized desktop monitor or laptop.

Posted on 31 Oct 2017 by King-X

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